Campus Administrative Contacts

In addition to the unit specific contacts, individual staff members have areas of specialties; questions regarding one of the following topics can be addressed by the staff member listed below:

Staff Directory


AFMFA Colleen Kehoe
AFS R&R Mark McClellan
BFA Website Tracy Sikorski
BOX Access Tracy Sikorski
Board Legal and Public Liability Tracy Sikorski
Bridge to the Faculty (B2F) Program Tracy Sikorski
Campus Codebook Alicia Ber
College Financials Mark McClellan
Course Fees Assigned Unit Analyst
Employee Educational Exemptions Colleen Kehoe
Enrollment Deposits Colleen Kehoe
F & A (ICR) Mark McClellan
Faculty Cluster Hire Program Tracy Sikorski
Faculty Partner Accommodations Tracy Sikorski
Financial Aid Colleen Kehoe
Fiscal Control and Internal Auditing Act (FCIAA) Tracy Sikorski
Forfeited Deposits Assessment Colleen Kehoe
GEO Health Benefits Tracy Sikorski
International Contracts Tracy Sikorski
Library / IT Fee Assessment Colleen Kehoe
Plant funds, capital projects Michael Moss
Shorelight Billing and Revenue Distributions Tracy Sikorski
Shorelight Enrollment/ Projections Colleen Kehoe
Student Fees Tanya Slavchev
Tuition/Income Fund Colleen Kehoe
Tuition Rates Colleen Kehoe
Tuition Remission (GA & RA) Colleen Kehoe
UIF Education Fund Tracy Sikorski
Under-represented Faculty Recruitment Program (UFRP) Tracy Sikorski