Academic Program Codes and FCR/CB Programs

Academic Program Codes:

All existing academic programs on the Chicago campus have been reviewed by Faculty governance and have been given a unique Academic Program Code (APC).

Detailed information about APCs can be found at the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment.

In developing Full-Cost Recovery or Contract-Based educational program, new academic program codes must be developed.  Existing classroom programs (e.g. degree or certificates)  – when converted to an online offering – must also obtain a new academic program code.

The following information is offered as a very simplified explanation of the differences between Academic Program code types.  Again, please reference the OPAA website for more complete information.




Type Classic in seat or online Contract-Based Program Full Cost Recovery Program
Online version Online uses “U” designator Online uses “U” designator Online uses “U” designator
Students enroll as: Individuals Groups Individuals
Waivers? Statutory/Discretionary Statutory only Statutory only
Direct/Indirect Costs Should be covered Must be covered Must be covered
Tuition Set by Board Market-Based rates when costs are covered. Set by Board
Tuition deposited In Income Fund In Self-Supporting Fund In Income Fund